Helping Researchers Harness the Power of 21st Century Research Tools and Resources


Are you a research manager, researcher, postdoc, postgraduate student or research support staff?  Do you have limited experience with tools that support reproducible research?  Are you struggling to grow research data management and analysis capacity in your group?

Talarify was established to support research institutions in the early stages of eResearch methodology and technology adoption. Our expertise includes themes like open science, research data management, funding proposals, digital and computational literacy, developing communities of practice, and much more. We work with research groups, research management, IT departments, and libraries and can assist with the following:


Converting your research group into the research leaders of tomorrow through engagement with local and international initiatives


Taking your unique context into consideration when developing new strategies to build local capacity


Mastering computational tools and data handling techniques specific to your research field or common across disciplines



Connecting to a community of researchers and research support staff engaged in open science and reproducible research practices