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About Us

Talarify is a South African-based company established in late 2014. We aim to address the dire need for computational and data handling training experienced not only by researchers but also by support staff including, but not limited to, librarians and IT staff.  We also help support divisions at universities to understand current research needs better and to build relationships with faculties and individual research groups.  In 2014/2015 we exclusively focused on support for researchers working in genomics and next generation sequencing, but since then we've branched out to support other disciplines. Examples include digital humanities, social science, engineering, education, and others. We support Open Science, Open Source, and Open Access. Lately our portfolio have started to include topics such as blended learning.

Our name

Because the need for computational training is universally experienced across disciplines as diverse as humanities, economics, engineering, medicine, humanities, and biology we have decided to find a name that would reflect the heart of the company rather than the field in which we are operating.

Talaria was the name given to the winged sandals worn by the Greek god Hermes.  The sandals were made from solid gold and allowed Hermes to fly faster than any bird.

Working with our company will allow you to take your research to the next level.

Our Team

Anelda van der Walt
Dr Anne Treasure

Our community

Talarify acknowledges the fact that it can only be successful by collaborating with existing and emerging communities and by learning from their experiences.  In the past we have helped to establish communities and still contribute to some of these initiatives by volunteering our time.

Initiatives we care about and learn(ed) from

South Africa

Cape Unseminars in Bioinformatics

Cape R User Group

Silicon Cape Initiative

Network of Data and Information Curation Communities

BIRTH computational training lab at Groote Schuur Hospital

South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR)

Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA)

National eScience Postgraduate Teaching and Training Platform (NEPTTP)

Rural Campuses Connection ProjectII (RCCPII)


Software Carpentry Foundation (now the Carpentries)

Data Carpentry

Library Carpentry

The Carpentries

Mozilla Science Lab

RDA/CODATA Research Data Science Summer Schools Working Group

R Ladies groups across the world

The Software Sustainability Institute (UK)

The Ethiopian Carpentries Initiative (digital and computational skills)

Other Communities and Initiatives which may be of interest to our clients and partners:

Committee on Data of the International Council for Science (ICSU)

Research Data Alliance


African Open Science Platform

Python Africa